The Way Forward Isn’t by Going Backwards

Those – like myself – who are fighting this and other massive so-called ‘trade’ deals (read about Mercosur, TTIP and TiSA when you find the time) are accused of trying to hold up progress. We’re not. The very real threat posed by CETA etc is that in the name of ‘fair trade’ and ‘competition’ and ‘better deals for the consumer’ they will force down labour rates, they will pare back labour rights and protections, they will lower food quality standards, and they will blow apart COP21 and the climate change measures.

Going forward by going backwards isn’t my idea of progress. Yes, that can apply if you're doing the backstroke; with CETA, with Mercosur/TTIP/TiSA, there ARE strokes being pulled. We need to be aware of that, we need to push back.

Well done to Wallonia, to the Brussels Regional Parliament; well done also to our own Seanad. Small victories perhaps, but on big issues. Join the fight.

CETAPaul Cotter