N6 Galway -"By Pass"

If 130 homes have to be destroyed in order to build a new 'by-pass' then it isnot a bypass, it's a cut through. Let's at least start with getting the words right and call it what it is.

Arups are engineers and are world renowned as such. We should not fool ourselves and expect them to have a social or community conscience. It is up to the public representatives, councillors and TDs, to represent the interests of the people but here also we need to be careful - can we trust the officials in Galway County Council on this issue? We have enough bad experiences over the years to be wary. Those representatives are often drawn from the ranks of engineering and we should know and be aware of their bias on the by-pass issue at least.

Now more than ever before, the people of Galway need their representatives to get a full understanding of what is happening and to ensure that their interests are looked after. If we are about to spend three-quarters of a billion Euro we need to ensure that we spend this money wisely. We need to start getting away from the car and think instead of light rail, what was and should still be called trams.

I support the inclusion of a higher spend on public transport and the development of better infrastructure.

I support a higher spend on cycling/cycle ways, on public transport, bus routes and trams. We should approach our transport challenges form a logistical point of view, not from a 'make car traffic flow more smoothly' point of view.

I support the work that Cllr Catherine Connelly has done on this and I support what she said at the meeting on Thursday night.

Lastly there is a very real possibility that we are all being led a merry dance by Galway County Council and that they have an ulterior plan. By finding that all of the proposed routes are not acceptable, the options under IROPI (Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest) for the original by-pass route are opened up again. This could be the long term game that the officials are playing.

Again I would urge the County and City Councillors to investigate this so that we all know what is going on here.

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan MEP.

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