Ireland – The Beef Barons Say ‘yes!’ to CETA

Then, last week, under the very predictable headline ‘EU-Canada trade deal should be signed – Meat processors’, we read this: ‘Ireland’s meat processors have come out in support of the trade deal between the EU and Canada, CETA, and believe that EU Trade Ministers should approve the signing of the agreement.’

Predictable? Absolutely. You think those guys give a damn about the entirety of that proposed treaty, the damage it would do to democracy with its own special court system exclusively for the multinationals? Do they hell – contrary to those in the Walloon and Brussels parliaments who were looking after the long-term interests of the people, Ireland’s beef barons look after themselves, and only themselves, and they will do so at your expense, at my expense, at the expense of all future generations. They have history there of course – it’s not just the banks we’ve bailed out in Ireland in the last few decades, not to mention the Beef Tribunal of course, which turned out to be all bone, no meat.

CETAPaul Cotter