CETA – Small Brussels Says No to Big Brussels

First it was Wallonia saying NO to CETA, the so-called ‘trade’ agreement proposed by the European Commission between all of us in the EU and Canada; now it’s Brussels, or to be more specific, the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region – small Brussels putting the brakes on big Brussels, so to speak.

Because of the way things are set up in Belgium, before the national parliament can approve measures as deep and as wide-ranging as CETA, each of the five regional parliaments must first give their approval. Wallonia and now Brussels have both refused to endorse that noxious deal, which now has the Commission and the Council in a tizzy.

When both those regions spoke, however, they weren’t just speaking for their own people, they were speaking for all those people across this increasingly autocratic EU who DON’T have a voice, who are NOT being given a chance to vote on this proposed treaty. Theirs is the now small voice of democracy in this EU and from the reactions to date, well, judge for yourselves as to how democracy is perceived in the corridors of the autocratic powers in Brussels.

CETAPaul Cotter