Ambulance Service - Again

How can you live 20m from an Ambulance base and yet have to wait for three and a half hours for an ambulance to arrive for a man whose lungs have collapsed?

How can this happen if everything is 'alright', and everything IS 'alright' according to our Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar. According to Leo and to his quango the HSE, Ireland has perfectly adequate ambulance service.

On the night in question above there was no ambulance available in Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, or Roscommon. Tuam ambulance base was contacted but it too was out of ambulances.

I could ask Michael Fitzmaurice TD to ask a few parliamentary questions and await the usual rubbish reply that one gets (eventually) from the HSE. I'm not going to bother - I've had the 'alright' treatment once too often to know that the HSE is merely there to mangle any attempt to get straight answers from the Minister.

The lack of an ambulance service is all the more worrying when one considers the closure of Accident and Emergency services over the last years. We were assured that better roads and better ambulances would make up for fewer A&E's. Now we find that the ambulance service is on its knees too.

I call on the Minister for Health to explain what happened on the night of the 7th of June 2015 in the incident outlined above. And please Minister, don't hide behind the Quango. Answer the question. And if you can't answer the question, resign.

Luke Ming Flanagan MEP