Outright Bribery - Drehid Landfill

The money disbursed by Bord Na Móna to local sports clubs in Kildare is nothing more than bribery, OUTRIGHT BRIBERY.

It is a horrible tactic to divide the local community and to leave those who are closest to the dump isolated.  This is as low as it gets in Irish public affairs.

The very fact that Board Na Móna feel that they have to do this tells us that there is a problem with their actions in the first place.  They should be able to present their plans for the landfill without this ‘sweetener’.  Either what they propose for Drehid stacks up on its own merits, or should never happen in the first place. 

From what I have learned from Catherine Murphy TD’s enquiries, and from what constituents have told me, the people of Millicent and Drehid will have huge quantities of municipal waste from all parts of Ireland dumped into their environment.  Added to this the ash form the incinerators at Poolbeg in Dublin and Ringaskiddy in Cork will be dumped there as well.

I call on Bord Na Móna to play fair with the local communities.  Stop this bribery.  Why don’t you distribute the money to every sports across the country?  Giving huge sums of money out in a select area says it all.  This is not altruistic, this is bribery.

The shear volumes will make life for those nearest to the landfill impossible.  Heavy haulage trucks will pass by their houses in great numbers per day.  Damage has already been caused to several houses in the area.  This will only get worse.

The local media must question this tactic and call it what it is.