Butler & Heaphy Report launch – Buswells, Friday Dec 16th, 11am

Cormac Butler & Ed Heaphy

Cormac Butler & Ed Heaphy

This Friday morning, December 26th 2017, at Buswells Hotel in Molesworth St., at 11am, Luke Ming Flanagan MEP will host a meeting to launch a Report he commissioned earlier this year, by financial analysts Cormac Butler and Ed Heaphy.

The Report is titled ‘THE EUROZONE BANKING CRISIS - Did The ECB And The Banks Collude To Hide Losses, Thus Distorting Their Own Balance Sheets?’.

Where others – including Luke – has questioned the legitimacy of everything that happened around the bank bailout in Ireland and the subsequent imposition of massive debt on the Irish people, this report questions the legality of what was done. Their conclusions? Yes, it was illegal, yes there are serious questions to be answered by those in the ECB and by those in the banks who took those decisions.

The report has already been launched in Europe, a presentation made to the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament in Brussels last week that has generated major interest from both sides of the Atlantic. We would welcome your presence at the launch, where Luke and Cormac will be available to answer questions.