Positive moves on farm payments

On the young farmer issue positive results have been achieved, young farmers will now get a five-year payment irrespective of when they apply within the five-year period of first taking over the farm, a positive change, as before if they applied in year 3 they were eligible only for a two-year payment. 

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Our food is more than a "commodity"

It is the ultimate in hypocrisy to be advocating these type of deals, replacing grass-fed cattle from Europe with beef from South American feedlots, similar food products being shipped halfway around the globe and meeting each other in the high seas in passing, burning up vast quantities of fuel, while berating the farming community at local level for not doing enough to mitigate climate change.

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Whether or not you believe Catalonia – or Scotland, or the Six Counties, or Roscommon for that matter – should be allowed have a referendum on its own independence isn’t the issue. The issue is the growing crackdown on dissenting voices, the increasing officially-sanctioned violence, justified in the Catalonia situation by Commissioner Timmermans in his speech.

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Belgium challenge to CETA

The recent announcement that Belgium is to challenge CETA in the European Court of Justice exposes yet again Ireland’s craven capitulation to the wishes of multinational corporations (MNCs), to whom successive Irish governments appear to be completely in thrall.

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CETAPaul Cotter
Making the CAP Fit

Recently I facilitated a group of farmers from the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) to come to Brussels, to once again engage with Commission officials on the contested issue of land eligibility for CAP payments.

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AgriculturePaul Cotter